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Goal Map Coaching

Wondering whether you should engage a Certified Goal Mapping Coach? Check out the recent feedback we have received from satisfied customers, below:

"I want to thank you for your time and support during our coaching session. I found the structure of the goal map brought so much to the discussion, allowing me to open up through mediation, visualization and probing questions. It was this combination that really allowed me to create a clear plan for achieving my deepest desires and dreams whereas before I could only articulate simple work/personal goals. Your coaching and approach allowed me to go beyond the basic and tap into something deeply personal and meaningful, which is why I know I will be so much more successful. It's also important for me to note that these tools would've meant nothing without you guiding the conversation. Your natural openness and easy-going nature, created a safe space for me to feel comfortable exploring dreams rather than simple goals. I am forever grateful to you." - Kathleen

"It was a real pleasure working with Christine on my Goal Map. With Christine's blend of knowledge, intuition, and expertise we co-created a Goal Map that deeply resonates with my emotions and aspirations. It has already helped me change my routine so that I am inspired to do short bursts of 'movement' (doesn't feel onerous like saying exercise) through the day. My energy levels are much improved, as a result. I have, already completed the first draft of the introduction and back cover to my next book. The lethargy and depression that I experienced over winter and after recovering from COVID has lifted and I feel much more motivated." - Romilla 


“I have utilized Goal Mapping, and I must say, it's an incredible tool. While it wasn't the first time I've set goals, the process—identifying priorities, adding photos—has helped me create a motivating map. It's both easy to use and powerful. The best part was the session with Christine, who helped me navigate the process. While you can go through it alone, having the help of a coach makes the experience more effective. I highly recommend trying Goal Mapping and benefiting from Christine's coaching expertise. It's truly a life-changing experience.” - Adina


"I had the pleasure of undergoing a Goal Map experience. The interactive application is wonderful and helped me customise my goal map to a point where I could observe my goals as being realistic and achievable. I was guided in this process by Christine Clacey and I am grateful to her for her patience, expertise and focus walking me through my thought process to make the most of the goal mapping. I left the session with a visual of what goal and the who, when where, to make it happen. Thank you so much, Christine, for this great opportunity!" - Cristina

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