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Our Associates

At Chyra Ltd we are very fortunate to have an exceptional group of talented practitioners that we partner with to deliver best-in-class neuroscience consultancy, leadership development and learning solutions. Meet this talented team below:  

Christina has been working as a personal coach, team consultant and executive development coach for over 35 years. She trained as a humanistic psychologist and counsellor in the early 1980′s. Her  passion for creativity and the difference it can make to the coaching or counselling journey has been part of her practice ever since. Christina applies her creativity  and coaching skills into organisations and teams as well as working with them with individuals. She is an NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist and Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling Practitioner.

Christina brings a background in understanding the deep structure of what is happening for people and she works to raise awareness of what is happening at the unconscious level.

Deb has a professional reputation for handling complex challenges and difficult conversations with calm, diplomacy, and compassion. Over 30 years in program and people leadership, mentorship, and business strategy within large corporates has honed Deb’s talent to coach individuals at all organizational levels towards professional success. 

Known as a servant leader who is kind, humorous, smart, supportive, compassionate and cares for others deeply, Deb is a passionate ally for diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging. She is a trusted advisor and advocate for individuals, non-profits, business teams and especially for marginalized, and differently abled communities. 

Deb is a Practitioner for The Five Archetypes and applies her extensive experience and knowledge in support of others. Her personal motto is, “Live with integrity, create, grow, partner, and give back.”

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